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Save up to 15 percent

Save up to 15% today

What you'll love about Safeco

Great coverage and price

By bundling auto and home coverage, you’ll get the best blend of savings, convenience, and protection. And as your insurance needs change, we’ll keep looking for ways to save you money.

Financial strength you can trust

Safeco Insurance is a proud part of Liberty Mutual Insurance, a Fortune 100 company and the sixth-largest personal lines insurer in the country.

When you have a claim, Safeco Insurance will take care of it. It’s that simple. Safeco is backed by the financial strength of Liberty Mutual Insurance, ranked on the Fortune 100 list of the largest U.S. corporations.

Policy options


We'll make sure you’re on the road in no time after you get the best combination of coverage, value, and price when we help you build a customized car insurance policy.


Whether you need a homeowners insurance policy with basic coverage or a fully loaded policy with increased protection, Safeco gives you the flexibility to choose.


If you rent your house, condo or apartment, protect yourself and your belongings with affordable Safeco Insurance renters policy.


Get the coverage you need to protect your one to four unit residential rental property, and yourself, with Landlord Protection insurance. Choose a basic policy to cover the most common types of losses or add fully loaded coverage for more protection.

Boat & Watercraft

Whatever type of boat or personal watercraft you own, Safeco can help protect it, along with you and your guests. And while it provides fun and leisure, your boat is also an investment worth protecting.

Classic Car

Get coverage for your classic, antique or modern classic car. At less than a dollar a day, Safeco Insurance classic car policies are surprisingly affordable. Custom build your classic car policy by choosing coverage options that are right for you and your vintage beauty.


Get coverage for you, your bike and your safety gear – like your helmet, gloves and jacket – included with every Safeco motorcycle policy. Customize your motorcycle insurance by choosing additional coverage from our wide selection of options.


Protect your home away from home with Safeco RV insurance. With a generous usage season of 150 days a year, Safeco RV insurance offers essential protection for you and your RV. Get out the map and start planning your trip.


Get a secondary layer of liability coverage with Safeco umbrella insurance to supplement your auto, home, boat, and other insurance policies. For less than a dollar a day you can have peace of mind knowing your assets and future earnings are protected.


From the unexpected to the routine, Safeco® Pet Insurance gives you the peace of mind you want, and your pet the protection they need.

Safeco Independent Agents

Safeco Insurance is available exclusively through independent insurance agents, so you get the ease, choice, and advice you want. When you’re insured with Safeco, you can rest assured it’s because we believe Safeco offers the coverage and options that are right for you.

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