Safeco has been providing coverage for its customers' prized possessions since it opened its doors in 1923.

Your coverage options

Safeco Renters Insurance covers your possessions from damage and theft, and also protects you if you’re held legally responsible for the injuries to another person while in and around your home. It costs less than you think - it’s easy to protect yourself and your belongings for just a few dollars a month.

Basic policy protection

At Home

Every Safeco Renters Insurance policy covers your personal belongings, like your couch, flat-screen TV, tablet, skis, and game console. Your possessions are protected when they’re at home or with you anywhere around the world.

Living Expenses

If you can’t live in your building while it’s being repaired or rebuilt after a covered loss, additional living expenses helps pay the cost of temporary housing for up to 24 months.

Your Liability

Your renters insurance policy also includes liability coverage, which is protection for the event you’re held responsible for injuring another person or if a guest gets hurt while visiting your place.

Additional coverages

Valuable Articles Coverage

If you own high-value items such as jewelry, art, collectibles, or camera equipment, you should consider adding extra coverage to your policy. For as little as a few dollars a month, items are protected for a fraction of what it would cost to replace them.

Personal Property Replacement Cost Protection

If you sold your couch in a yard sale, you’d probably get less for it than what a brand new one costs in the furniture store. In the event of a loss, Safeco Personal Property Replacement Cost Protection will help pay for the cost to purchase a new couch that is of similar size and style as the one you lost. Same goes for your TV, clothing, sporting goods, bed, and other covered belongings. We’ll pay the actual replacement cost of your things that were damaged or stolen, regardless of their age and condition, up to the limits and deductibles you select.

Identity Recovery Coverage

Recovering from identity theft can be a very costly, time–consuming, and stressful experience. With Safeco’s identity recovery coverage, you can replace that worry with calm for just $1 a month.


Safeco Package

Combine your Safeco Auto policy and Safeco Renters Policy into a Safeco Package and save.

Protective Devices

Discounts are available if your apartment or the house you rent has a fire alarm, sprinkler system or a burglar alarm installed.

Pay your bill in full

If you pay your bill in full when you start or renew a policy, instead of paying in monthly installments, you’ll end up paying less in the long run.


A higher deductible will lower your renters insurance bill, but will also increase how much you’ll end up paying yourself if you file a claim.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, Safeco Insurance® will be there when you need them most.

When your property is damaged or stolen

24-Hour Claims Assistance - Should you ever need to file a claim, help is just a click away at or on the mobile app, or by calling Safeco Claims at 1-800-332-3226. Safeco’s claims service is fast, fair, hassle-free, and available 24/7 to assist you.

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